Six more new projects were taken to support by the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation
Six more new projects were taken to support by the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation

Six more new projects were taken to support by the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation

28 july 2017
One of the key and systemic areas of the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation’s activities is the work on attracting investments. Every month, ARDC receives dozens of ideas and specific proposals from the initiators. To select the most interesting and promising of them, experts meet regularly in the format of the project committee. Since May of this year, we are starting a series of publications about these events, at which decisions are made to accompany the project and expert advice is given.
The project committee receives both projects recently registered with the Corporation, as well as those projects that need expert evaluation for their further development. After acceptance for support, specialists begin work on it - check the documentation, if necessary help to refine the business plan, carry out marketing research, search for production sites, select investment proposals suitable for a particular project, etc. The project committee, in addition to experts from the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation includes representatives of sectoral ministries and departments of the regional government, and, if necessary, municipalities, as well as regional experts from development institutions and public organizations.
Thus, at the meeting of the project committee on May 4 seven projects were submitted for discussion, six of which were approved by the committee members and entered into further support to the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation.
For the Pomorie these six supported projects are multi-million dollar investments, the creation of new jobs and the growth of tax revenues to the regional budget.
One of the largest projects undertaken to support ARDC is the project of Severodvinsk entrepreneurs, which intend to create in the Arkhangelsk region production of fixed formwork - building blocks, which are used in the universal technology of monolithic construction of residential buildings. At the same time, 90% of the raw materials from which these blocks are made are chips of coniferous wood. This allows you to build houses from environmentally friendly materials that significantly save heat, isolate noise and are also fire-resistant and impervious to weathering.
ARDC is looking for a future site, where the construction of this plant will begin.
And the initiators from the Plesetsk region applied to the Corporation for the idea of creating a new greenhouse complex in the district that would allow growing fresh vegetables and greens all year round. For the development of the project, investments are required, the search of which will be carried out by specialists of the development institutes of the region.
The topic of agricultural development was also supported in the Ustyansky district, where local entrepreneurs intend to cultivate potatoes and vegetables. At the same time, the demand for the same potatoes in the Arkhangelsk region is huge. Annually, the region imports up to 80 thousand tons of these roots. As in the case of colleagues from the Plesetsk region - Ustyanskiye agrarians are looking for investments.
In the Krasnoborsky district, they decided not to cultivate, but to collect the gifts of nature. The project "Wild plants" will create dozens of jobs by collecting and processing forest berries, mushrooms and useful plants. Since last year, local entrepreneurs have been practicing technology on mushrooms and already have their first sales. Having received the necessary investments, the project will be able to enter the market of the Arkhangelsk region and the regions of the North-West Federal District.
Another project, which came to support the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation, was the expansion of agricultural production of one of the enterprises in the region. More detailed information about the project has not yet been disclosed in the interest of the investor.
In addition, the committee received a project to establish in Arkhangelsk a new children's development center "ArTiK". The initiative was supported and sent to the finalization of the business model.
"Far from all the proposals that are considered on the project committee, they need the very investments themselves. Very often initiators who have already found sources of funding need assistance in selecting sites for placing their business, developing documentation and even simply establishing communications between government officials or potential partners. In addition, we help those projects that are still in the search for resources to find them through participation in federal and regional programs of various development institutions, "said Alexey Kovalev, the chairman of the project committee, the general director of the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation.
Not all proposals submitted to the project committee are approved for their support. So, it happened this time too - one project, according to experts, did not meet the criteria for elaborating the idea and the goals of the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation.
The next project committee will be held on May 18 at the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation. To date, the ARDC is accompanied by about 80 different projects.
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