Investors are offered to invest in the construction of a permanent formwork plant in Severodvinsk
Investors are offered to invest in the construction of a permanent formwork plant in Severodvinsk

Investors are offered to invest in the construction of a permanent formwork plant in Severodvinsk

25 january 2019

The initiator of the project Sergey Nikolaichuk told about his unusual idea, why it should be implemented in the Arkhangelsk region and how it will help the construction market in the region.

The project is accompanied by the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation, and its analogues are in other regions, and they work quite successfully. The project requires funding.

Therefore,   Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation helped to make investor's offer to potential investors.

Cheap and reliable houses so, the new plant will be able to produce blocks of permanent formwork for the construction of buildings and structures, noise screens for General and industrial use, wall panels for multi-storey construction and ready-made kits for frame houses. Its emergence will allow to provide the construction market of area with the inexpensive and qualitative wall construction materials of own production meeting all modern requirements.

-The plant will consist of several sections: production shop, processing and packaging area, preparation of mixtures, storage of raw materials for processing, finished goods warehouse, components and finished raw materials warehouse, repair service, laboratory and mold warehouse, - said Sergey.

The construction of the plant can significantly reduce the cost of building their own homes. In addition, it will be possible to partially rid the construction market of dependence on imported materials, which will speed up the construction period. And another plant will need a staff so will create 25-30 new jobs.

- Introducing and developing such effective construction technologies, we will follow the state strategy for the development of the construction materials industry for the period up to 2020 and beyond until 2030. Also, thanks to the use of our materials, it will be possible to use budget funds more effectively in the implementation of regional programs for the construction of housing for large families and other categories of the population, that is, partly to help solve social problems, - said the initiator of the project.

According to him, the Arkhangelsk region is perfect for the construction of such a plant - the products will be made from chips - raw materials, which we have in large quantities. In addition, in terms of energy efficiency and heat saving, formwork as a building material is excellent for buildings and structures in the Far North.

Clean and easy from an environmental point of view, this production also has its advantages. It uses only pure substances, without harmful binders and additives: wood and stone. Also, this production is "cold", since the blocks do not need to be burned; this means that there will be no carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Non-removable formwork can be used for different purposes. With this building material you can quickly build cottages, apartment buildings, garages, industrial premises and warm pools.

- It is environmentally friendly, heat-saving, noise-insulating, fireproof, weather-resistant, durable, breathable and easy-to-use building materials, - said Sergey Nikolaychuk.

Experience of other regions in Russia three such plants successfully produce and sell similar products, and the acquaintance of consumers with it can be started already at the stage of construction of the plant, bringing it from other regions.

Experience shows that the blocks are perfect for individual housing construction and for the construction of multi-storey buildings, which significantly increases the market. Another important aspect - this technology is already used in the construction of housing in the framework of state programs in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Press Service of Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation JSC

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