4 july 2017
Partners of investment

The construction of the exhibition center "Nord Expo" began in the capital of Pomorie. This is a unique project for the region: no such objects have ever been erected either in Arkhangelsk or in the region.
The center will be built in the district of Varavino-Factoria in the area of Papanina Street. The total area of the object will exceed 2.6 thousand square meters.
The site is selected taking into account the principle of the best logistic accessibility. "Nordexpo" will be located in the place of the major traffic intersection - at the intersection of the Okruzhnaya motorway and the road leading from the motor bridge from the M8 highway.
The project is being implemented by Nord Expo Ltd, which is part of the Axel group of companies. The planned volume of investments is 340 million rubles.

Entrance to a qualitatively new level

As the deputy governor of the Arkhangelsk region on strategic planning and investment policy Viktor Ikonnikov noted, the commissioning of NordExpo will bring the congress and exhibition activities to Pomorie to a new qualitative level.
- This project is included by the government of the region as a priority. Creation of a new exhibition center will be a significant contribution to the economy of the region, attracting new investors, as well as creating an image of the Arkhangelsk region as a center for the development of Arctic territories, "Viktor Ikonnikov emphasized.
The project provides for the creation of 23 jobs. Tax deductions to the consolidated budget of the Arkhangelsk region for six years from the moment of launch are predicted in the amount of more than one hundred million rubles.

New site for the Arctic Forum

Victor Ikonnikov and deputy head of Arkhangelsk for economic development and finance Daniil Shaposhnikov gave an official start to the work, giving the general director of "Axel Group" Alexei Bezobrazov a building permit.
At the initiative of the investor, in the place of the future center, the participants of the ceremony installed a commemorative sign, concreted the coin in the ground.
"This is a golden royal chervonetz," said Alexei Bezobrazov. - According to the old Russian tradition, in order for the construction to be successful, we establish such a memorable sign. We plan to complete the work next year and hope that the center will become a venue for the international forum "The Arctic - Territory of Dialogue" in 2019.

Fairs, concerts, sports

However, NordExpo is being created not only in preparation for the forthcoming Arctic Forum.
According to Irina Bazhanova, Minister of Agroindustrial Complex and Trade of the Arkhangelsk Region, the need for a modern exhibition center arose in the capital of Pomorze many years ago:
"This is confirmed by the annual Margaritinskaya Fair. The event is very popular with residents and guests of Pomorie, but at the same time there are certain inconveniences for the townspeople in connection with the need to close part of the territory for the movement of vehicles. "
In addition, the minister continues, the center will become a platform for a variety of formats. By the way, the plan of exhibition and fair events in the region provides for holding more than 90 major events every year.
"The new center will play a special role in promoting the products of local producers, expanding its sales markets, as well as in attracting goods and services from other regions," Irina Bazhanova concluded.
According to the project, on the basis of the center, it will be possible to implement all the world trends of the exhibition industry.
At the same time, NordExpo will also be open for conferences, seminars, concerts, theatrical performances, sports competitions.
Press Service of the Governor and the Government of the Arkhangelsk region

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