Geographical position
  • Total area
    589.9 thous . Km. Apt.
  • Direct access to the sea
    White Sea , the Barents Sea , the Kara Sea
  • Regions of the Russian Federation, which borders the region
    The Republic of Karelia , Murmansk , Vologda region , Kirov region , Republic of Komi.
  • The distance between Moscow and the regional center
    1228 km
  • Timezone

The proportion of the working population and the unemployed

The total numer of working poulation is 1111,039 thousand people.

The proportion of the working population as of January 01, 2018 is 48,3%.

The registered unemployment rate as of January - March, 2019 is 6,3%.

The average monthly wage per employee on the period from January till May 2019 amounted to  47 231,8 rubles. 

The proportion of population with higher education is 26,5% (census of 2018).

Higher education institutions

Name: Northern State Medical University (NSMU).

Number of students: 10 000.

Name: M.V. Lomonosov Northern Arctic Federal University (M.V. Lomonosov NArFU).

Number of students: 25 900.

Ground transport

M-8 federal highway is a highway of federal significance. Distance from Arkhangelsk to Moscow is 1271 km.

Route R1 is a road of regional significance, connecting the central areas of the Arkhangelsk region with the north-west of the Vologda region. Distance from Arkhangelsk to St. Petersburg is 1181 km.

1181 km – 1271 km

St. Petersburg – Arkhangelsk – Moscow

The Northern Railway

1022 km

Arkhangelsk – Moscow 19 hours 28 minutes

1226 km

Arkhangelsk – St. Petersburg 1 day 6 hours

1151 km

Arkhangelsk – Murmansk 23 hours 09 minutes

Air transport

International Airport Arkhangelsk

There are regular flights to 17 destinations.

Passenger traffic in 2014 amounted to 801,000 persons.

The Arkhangelsk region has the air transportation system that uses a network of local airports. Most airports are located in areas where aviation is the only year-round means of transport. Currently, 23 airports are registered in the Arkhangelsk region, of which only 7 have artificial runways.

Intermunicipal passenger air transportation in the Arkhangelsk region is carried out by JSC “2nd Arkhangelsk United Air Squadron” and “Smart Avia”.

Base airports in the region are Arkhangelsk and Vaskovo.

Arkhangelsk – Moscow 1 hour 40 minutes

Arkhangelsk – St. Petersburg 1 hour 20 minutes

Water transport

Multi-functional commercial port of the year-round navigation is able to handle up to 4.5 mln tons of cargo annually.

The Northern Sea Route is in the immediate vicinity of the White Sea coast of the Arkhangelsk region.

Population of major cities

Arkhangelsk – 348340 people.

Velsk – 22 300people.

Severodvinsk – 182 290 people.

Kotlas - 61 890 people.

Novodvinsk - 38 080 people.

Mirny - 32 030 people.

Mineral resources of the region

Diamonds - 267.75 mln carats

Bauxite - 255 mln tons

Limestone - 21 mln tons

Fossil fuels
Peat - more than 718 mln tons
Other resources