13 july 2018

The multifunctional exhibition complex construction began last summer and should be completed by the fall 2018. Today the site was visited by the Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov, in order to personally assess the progress of the work.

The new exhibition center in September will become the venue for the Margaritinskaya fair. With such an initiative, the head of the region spoke earlier, since the Palace of Sport does not meet the modern requirements for events of this scale.

- I have no doubt now that we are in a position to hold the jubilee, tenth Margaritinskaya fair in the "Nord Expo". For this it is necessary to hand over the object not later than the middle of September, - Igor Orlov emphasized.

The site for the construction of Nord Expo was chosen taking into account the best logistic accessibility. The exhibition center will be located in the place of a major traffic intersection - in the area of Dachnaya Street at the intersection of the Okruzhnoye Highway and the exit from Krasnoflotsky Bridge.

The area of the exhibition center will occupy 3,500 square meters, the main exhibition hall - 1,600 square meters. At the same time, the hall can be equipped with additional modular structures that will allow dividing the room into several zones.

The project is being implemented by Nord Expo LTD, which is a part of the Axel group of companies. The construction of the exhibition center will cost 340 million rubles.

The Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation was entrusted to accompany this investment project, acting as the coordinator of the interaction of the parties in resolving the work issues.

- There are a number of points that we with the representatives of the energy-supplying industries are now discussing and will decide. They promised to do everything in time. We are going in accordance with the schedule, "Alexey Bezobrazov, Axel Group's Director General, explained.

The project is included by the government of the region in the priority projects register. The creation of a new exhibition center will be a significant contribution to the regional economy, attraction of new investors, as well as the image formation of the Arkhangelsk region as a center for the Arctic territories development.

In the "Nord Expo" will be created 23 jobs, and tax deductions to the consolidated budget of the Arkhangelsk region for six years from the launch date are predicted in the amount of more than one hundred million rubles.

The exhibition center is built taking into account the needs of the capital of the region in the place for business, congress and exhibition events, first of all - the international forum "The Arctic is the Territory of Dialogue", which will be held every two years in Arkhangelsk by the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation.


Press Service of the Governor and the Government of the Arkhangelsk Region