24 april 2018
March 29, 2017 the NARFU named after M.V. Lomonosov hosted the third new technologies show from the residents of the Skolkovo Foundation in the Arkhangelsk region. In addition to federal projects, the technologies from the Arkhangelsk region were also presented at the show.

Recall, at the new technologies show from "Skolkovo" in Arkhangelsk, six resident projects were presented, who told about their technologies to Arkhangelsk entrepreneurs and government officials. The event was organized by the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation. Earlier, the results of such shows were the clinical trials of the first Russian exoskeleton and the acquisition of an innovative mammograph for the NSMU.

At the third show, representatives of the Skolkovo Foundation themselves became interested in the projects of Arkhangelsk scientists. Thus, the Moscow specialists showed the project "Wood-mineral nanocomposite" KOROBAZ ", which was developed by the assistant of the Department of Composite Materials and Building Ecology, the Higher Engineering School of the NARFU Viktor Danilov.

The project is aimed at producing a line of structural heat and sound insulation in the form of blocks and slabs under the trade mark "KOROBAZ". The new building material will be produced on the basis of a pine bark crushed to a nano- and finely dispersed state of basalt crumbs.

"As the tests of our material showed, it can most effectively be used for the construction of internal partitions of apartment houses. It can be used not only for insulation and noise insulation, but also for erection of various buildings, "- says Viktor Danilov.

To date, the bark of pine is a waste of sawmilling and is in no way used in the economy. Moreover, timber processing enterprises are forced to utilize such waste of sawmill at their own expense.

"Volumes and the price of bark in the Arkhangelsk region allow us to talk about the prospects of such a project, with its implementation on the territory of Pomorie. In addition, we are now testing with bark of other trees, "he added.

The second project, which interested representatives of the Skolkovo Foundation, was the development of the scientist from the Department of Composite Materials and Building Ecology of the Higher Engineering School of the NARFU Marina Morozova: "Creation of fine-grained concrete due to the use of saponite-containing waste".

"Our project is aimed at obtaining fine-grained concrete with enhanced performance characteristics that can be used in the harsh climatic conditions of the North and the Arctic. This composite consists of a cementitious aggregate and highly disperse mining industry as an additive. All raw materials can be mined in the region, "says Marina Morozova.

The peculiarity of this concrete is that its composition includes environmentally friendly components. The mineral additive used not only controls the structure formation of the mixture during the preparation and hardening of concrete, but also acts as an additional binder component, which increases the strength of the finished concrete by a factor of 2 and enhances its frost resistance and water permeability.

"Both projects are quite competitive not only in the Arkhangelsk region, but also at the level of the Russian Federation. We are ready to help developers in finding partners and resources, "commented the projects of Arkhangelsk scientists, the director of the department for the development of regions of the Skolkovo Foundation, Alexander Okunev.

Press Service of Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation JSC