Perspectives of international cluster development are being discussed in St. Petersburg

Perspectives of international cluster development are being discussed in St. Petersburg

18 may 2017
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     This year the main topic of the conference is “Clusters open new borders. The green corridor”. During the two days of forum the leading experts from 10 world countries will deliver their speeches, more than 300 people will become the event participants.
    We would like to remind you that the cluster development center has been created in the Corporation. Its director Vasily Radtke is participating now in the work of the international conference.
Minister of Economic Development of the Arkhangelsk Region Semyon Vuymenkov spoke at the plenary session of the ongoing conference, where he talked about the experience of the Arkhangelsk region in cluster development and the prospects for intercluster interaction.
     During the plenary session Semyon Vuymenkov underlined: “To succeed on the outer market it is necessary to use not only possibilities existing abroad, but also inside the country. We mustn’t concentrate only on external economic activity tools that are provided by the government. It is demanded to switch from federal support measures to regional territories use. This is a serious challenge first of all for the regional executive authorities: equalization of competence level. And this shouldn’t be limited by the traditional “innovative regions”.
The minister underlined that the Clusters and technoparks association, with which the Arkhangelsk region successfully cooperates, enables to involve regions into work.
Speaking about the importance of transregional cooperation and regional and federal executives networking Semyon Vuymenkov said that the specific features of certain regions is not only the cause of high interest of foreign countries and corporations that work on relevant markets and on relevant directions. Often these are the regions that are used by the federal authorities in developing support tools, creating and adjusting development institutions.
     "For effective development, it is necessary that interaction to be active not only at the level of the cluster residents, but also at the interregional and international levels," said Semyon Vuymenkov. - And the Arkhangelsk region has already begun to move in this direction.