12 december 2018

It is located in 10 minutes drive from the downtown, and this closest similar place of active holiday. Let's note that two more are in the village of Koskovo of Primorsky district and under Novodvinsk (Mechka).

The project is implemented by the Extreme sports non-profit partnership which is gradually developing the territory on the bank of the lake Volokhnitsa near the village of Butyrka.

As one of participants of project team Roman Korotayev told, their project has history since 2015. Then, on the bank of the lake Volokhnitsa conditions for occupations were created by wakeboarding, and last summer the three-level rope park of year-round action opened here. Let's note that the project team with assistance of Corporation of development of the Arkhangelsk region carries out selection of the site for placement in the region of one more year-round rope park.

Meanwhile, the project step by step extends. There was an idea of creation in a complex of the ENSO park of an artificial slope for occupations a snowboard, mountain skiing, the tubing and other winter sports and entertainments. There was an expert who joined team and helped to embody the idea of the future a snouparka at first in the project, and then and in a real construction. Today construction of an artificial slope was in the home stretch. For fans of outdoor activities and simply preferring outdoor recreation arbors, locker rooms are constructed, there is a cafe. There will be also a hire of necessary equipment and that is not unimportant, training by instructors in bases of snowboarding and to mountain skiing.

According to Roman, snowpark "ENSO" will open in the twentieth of December in the territory of a complex under the open sky. Official opening will take place on January 13, 2019. To opening there will arrive a member of the national team in a snowboard Alexey Sobolev acting in disciplines: big-Eyre and slopestyle, world class master of sports, winner and prize-winner of the World Cup stages, champion of Russia.

"Now, except works with contractors on construction of the facility, we are engaged still in preparation of an action for official opening of snowpark, big and important for us, and a meeting of the guest of honor, - Roman Korotayev says. – As for plans for the next year and the medium term, that is a good dream - the pool for occupations wakeboarding".

Fine dreams have to come true and come true. Similar initiatives will be kept further by Corporation of development of the region.

Press Service of Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation JSC