22 march 2018

Within the framework of interaction with various structures in other regions that also deal with investment projects, ARDC got acquainted with the machine building cluster of the Republic of Tatarstan, which is a very powerful movement that went far beyond the region in its activities.

 In Sochi, a tripartite Agreement on cooperation between ARDC and the Association "Non-commercial partnership" Kama Innovative Territorial Cluster INOCAM "and the machine building cluster of the Republic of Tatarstan was signed. Within the framework of this document, it is planned to exchange various ideas and projects that will help to create opportunities for businesses to go beyond their region with their technologies and products. At present, the machine building cluster of Tatarstan creates a site-platform of contacts and useful information http://innokam.pro/. The resource will unite customers and executors, but not only those who are engaged in mechanical engineering, but also those who supply raw materials, equipment, that is contacts of all who can be useful to each other.

"Tatarstan today is placing an increased demand for various goods, services, equipment, but the republic is unable to meet the demand of its own enterprises at the right time," says Svetlana Shadrina, an adviser to the General Director of ARDC, a participant of the Sochi forum. "Therefore, they are looking for partners from other regions of Russia who, thanks to this platform, will receive prompt information that there is an order and make decisions - ready or not ready to fulfill it."

 It is also planned to place an order calculator on this resource, where you can count on the initial data, pass through or not pass through one or another order, profitable or unprofitable, and based on the parameters, whether to take this order. For the enterprises of the Arkhangelsk region, such cooperation and interaction can become a good story. They need to be promptly and quickly informed, especially since logistics in the given industry, unlike others, is quite comfortable to "fight" at a price.

 In addition, partners from Tatarstan have plans to develop this platform. Its creators want to make their product even more useful for business by connecting not only the above orders, but also by creating an information platform for all participants. The portal plans to post important changes in legislation, industry news and other data that are important for business.

 "Many enterprises in our region need to be loaded. Of course, large companies have state orders, but there are those who serve their needs. At events like the Sochi forum, every time there is a demand for such information, - continues Svetlana Shadrina. - Therefore, we urge everyone to go to the ARDC. The presence on the platform created by our partners for new members of the cluster, whose contacts we send, will be free. For everyone else, this resource will be available only on a fee basis. Therefore, now the Development Corporation has the opportunity to transfer contacts for potential users of the services of this platform for registration free of charge. " You can apply for assistance in ARDC by e-mail bdev29@yandex.ru or by phone. 8-900-911-82-32.

 Partners from Tatarstan also announced the fact that there is not much information on the Internet about potential participants from the Arkhangelsk region. They were able to find on the Internet data on 4-5 enterprises, mostly from Severodvinsk. Basically, these are those who enter the shipbuilding cluster of the Arkhangelsk region, but are medium-sized enterprises. While communicating with partners from Tatarstan, they reported that enterprises could cooperate with them in much larger volumes, but the quality of information about themselves does not even allow them to be computed by potential customers from Tajikistan. Today, and it's obvious, not every company, an enterprise can let you create your site or provide its high indexation in the search engines. Therefore, the partners of ARDC from Tatarstan call for being more active and not afraid to expand their capabilities.