28 february 2019

The government of the Arkhangelsk region held a regular meeting of the investment Commission under Governor Igor Orlov.

Specialists of Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation presented an investment proposal "production of small wooden products", which was approved by the investment Commission.

We will remind, in December 2018 at Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation developed one, the investment proposal "Production of small wooden products." Note, under the small wooden products meant chopsticks, in particular, sushi, ice cream, as well as medical spatulas. According to Svetlana Shadrina, the Advisor to the General Director of Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation, responsible for the marketing Analytics of the project, only sticks for the production of ice cream in Russia require almost 5 billion pieces. HORECA segment makes a request for another two billion pieces of products per year. Import figures also show that there is a lack of such production in Russia and therefore a very large volume enters the market from different countries. Moreover, a third of the existing 10 major such productions created in cooperation with the authorities of FSIN Russia, this option is offered by Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation.

For the Arkhangelsk region, the most relevant sticks for the production of ice cream, including Popsicles, which are not yet produced in our territory, and this is very attractive from a marketing point of view for the development of our own production and investment. In addition, the logistics component can play a significant role in this project, including for the Chinese market, where mainly bamboo sticks are imported. The project involves the same Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation raw birch, which has antiseptic properties, which is important in the production of small wooden products for food and medical purposes. It was also stressed that the payback under the chosen scheme is high, which is especially important for the investor. The total planned production will be 60 million chopsticks per year. The project involves partnerships with correctional institutions in the region. Potential location of the project: Onega, Plesetsk and Velsky districts.

The project requires an investment of just over 18 million rubles, with a payback of 13 months.

The proposal is designed to attract Russian and foreign businesses to the region in the not yet occupied niches of the region's economy.

"This project may be interesting for our region. This is an obvious market niche. Moreover, the raw material and resource base allows to implement it in the territory of our region", - said the Governor Igor Orlov.

The information was taken into account and approved by the participants of the meeting of the investment Committee.

Learn more about proposal in a special section on the website of Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation: 


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