29 november 2017

On November 21, the first of six on-site internal stages of investment supervisors’ selection of the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation took place on the site of the Onega district administration.

Recall, during October the online selection of candidates for investment supervisors was a set by the Corporation. In total 88 applications almost from all districts and cities of Pomorie were submitted for competitive selection.

The investment curator is an employee of the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation, working remotely, on the territory of several municipal entities united in a "cluster". Each "cluster" is a combination of several areas or cities in the region, closely connected by geographic or economic links.

In Onega 11 candidates from all three municipalities of the "cluster" competed for the right to work in ARDC.

"The Commission decided to introduce an additional evaluation stage for three candidates who got the highest score. The commission members agreed on the opinion that these three candidates will be representatives of the Onega and Plesetsk districts, as well as of the city of Mirny. As part of the additional phase, we expect that the candidates will show the set of capabilities and opportunities that they can directly implement to accompany investment projects. First of all, we will evaluate communicative abilities, whether a person can build a dialogue with the authorities and local business and whether he is able to find interesting business ideas and bring to a logical conclusion, "said Aleksey Kovalev, ARDC Director General.

So, the commission selected Constantin Gagarin (Onega district), Andrei Ponomarev (Plesetsk district) and Oleg Grigorenko (Mirny).

In the process of the commission's work, representatives of local authorities, deputy corps of districts, business community, as well as ARDC, the Ministry of Economic Development of the region and the Agency for Strategic Research of the region asked various questions to candidates.

"Unfortunately, with a sufficiently large number of applicants, we were not able to immediately find the applicant who would have arranged everyone. Not all of them have prepared for the contest, someone simply does not understand the situation that is happening in the economy of the districts and the city of Mirny. The investment curator is a sufficiently serious position, which implies taking a fairly serious and useful case for the territory. We all understand that without the investments and development it is difficult to see the future of our regions"Aleksey Smetanin, the head of the Plesetsk district, said.

His colleagues from the Onega district also agreed with him. Despite the large number of Onega applicants in the competitive selection, local authorities also proposed to extend the selection process.

"The personnel problem in the territory of the Onega district is now quite acute. To attract qualified personnel for such work is really problematic, especially since municipal authorities also face this problem. It is very difficult to find responsible, disciplined and trained workers, "said the head of the Onega district, Ivan Grishin.