During St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation signed two strategically-important documents

During St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation signed two strategically-important documents

28 may 2018

At the SPIEF-2018 zero day 23 rd of May in the framework of business-event for ad-hog organizations that attract investments to the Arkhangelsk region and provide complete integrated support to investors two strategically important documents were signed be the Director General of the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation.

In particular Heads of Terms with National Association of investment and development agencies and cooperation agreement with Russia’s leader in potato production Tambov Regional Development Corporation. Precisely the possibilities of developing seed potato projects from the Arkhangelsk region are going to be discussed.

The signing took place on a very symbolical site – in the St. Petersburg investors’ one-stop shop service center front-office. Representatives of ad-hog organizations from different parts of Russia: Irkutsk, Lipetsk regions, Altai Territory,                 Crimea Republic etc.

Not only the results of an annual survey of the regional corporations and development agencies activities were presented by the representative of the ASI in the NWFD Arzum Arzumanyan during the meeting, but also key indicators on which it is necessary to assess the activities of organizations to attract investment in the region.

Experts and participants in the meeting agreed that there should not be same key performance indicators for all, since the customer is not the federal center, but the governor. And it is he who can assess whether the organization created by him is effective or not, whether it goes to the goals set for it, whether priorities are met and what projects the region currently needs. For example, in St. Petersburg concessions are more preferable, and in Moscow, an investment contract is in vogue. There are regions where the main task is to attract investors, but there are regions that need to achieve other goals. Moreover, governors have their own key indicators, according to which they report every year to the President of the Russian Federation.

"Investment Agencies, Corporations are created in order to change the environment. And so it is important that they work with small and medium-sized businesses. Big business will be able to cope without an intermediary, solving issues directly, but SMEs business need help, the effect will be more significant, "said Sergey Belyakov, Chairman of the National Association of Investment and Development Agencies Board.

He also added that it is necessary to create business centers in the format of " one-stop shop " in the regions and stop separating the entrepreneur and investor, creating equal comfortable conditions. In addition, he stressed that it is necessary to introduce a standard of specialists, who support investment projects. This will solve the existing problem in the regions in terms of staffing, as the image of the necessary employee becomes clear.

"In the Arkhangelsk region we have already begun work on building a "one-stop shop"for business, which will combine all existing tools to support entrepreneurship in a single organizational system. This need was said by the Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov in the annual message to the regional assembly of deputies, and this requires a reality that "says" that business should understand what support it can expect and who can provide it, "stressed the director general of JSC ARDC Aleksey Kovalev.

Press Service of the JSC "Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation".