29 november 2017

One day ago, a business delegation from Armenia visited Arkhangelsk region. The businessmen met with the enterprises of the region, one of which was the Arkhangelsk Experimental Algae Combine.

The meeting with the business community was organized by the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation, which representatives in early October took part in the 6th Russian-Armenian interregional forum.

Alexey Korotenkov, Executive Director of the AEAC, showed the guests the museum of the enterprise and told about how they extract algae in the White Sea and disclosed the advantages of the products manufactured by the plant.

"The principle of algae extraction is this: strong men go to sea on a carbase and use a 5 meter long spit to cut algae, then pull them onto the boat and take them ashore. Approximately every employee a day produces about 1.5 tons. On the shore, the algae is subjected to natural drying, so that the useful substances are not lost. Then on our own ship we bring them to the plant and make various products from them, "said Aleksey Korotenkov.

Now the plant works in four areas: production of dietary supplements and substances for medical purposes, food products, cosmetics and perfumes and feed additives for agriculture.

Representatives of the business delegation from Armenia were interested in the plant’s work in the field of medicine and agriculture.

In particular, the company produces mannit from algae (hexahydrous alcohol), from which the diuretic mannitol (a diuretic) is subsequently produced. For example, it is used when a dropper is placed on a patient with diseased kidneys.

In agriculture, the plant is actively working to create fodder additives for cattle, pigs and chicken. As a result of using additives based on algae, cows increase in milk yields, overall immunity increases, hen eggs are obtained with a high content of iodine.

"We were really interested in the products that we were presented today, we were pleasantly surprised, especially for us drugs that can make up for iodine deficiency in the body. As you know, there is no sea in Armenia and 90% of the territory is a mountainous relief, so the land and water in the country are not enriched with iodine. As a consequence of this, thyroid diseases are quite common. What the combine produces could turn the tide, " Ruben Tonikyan commented, Director of Proliting Import.